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Users rave about the ease of use that comes with this fixed wheel jogger, be it over rough terrain, uneven pavement, or modest hills. The positive vibes are due in part to the rugged 16-inch wheels and the dual hand/foot-operated brakes.

True runners are committed to Kolcraft's Jeep Overland Limited Jogging Stroller (starting at $175, Amazon). Jeep Overland Limited reviews on Buzzillions, for example, assert that it rolls easily on street, sidewalk, and trail; tracks straight no matter the terrain; and turns smoothly when needed. Joggers attribute the solid performance to the rugged build and large wheels, including the fixed front wheel. As several Jeep Overland Limited reviews at Walmart point out, the fixed front wheel along with the handbrake make this a true jogging stroller. One mother attests to the absence of jostling and bouncing for the passenger compared to the bumpiness her friend's child experiences in a swivel wheel stroller and another expresses appreciation for the handbrake, which helps keep the stroller under control when running down hills. Children fit comfortably in this stroller, according to Jeep Overland Limited reviews at, where parents comment on the ease of handling and assembly. Some also report that this model is no sweat to fold and load into a car, although others find it heavy and bulky.

Indeed, grumbles about a few matters occasionally surface in Jeep Overland Limited reviews. Reviewers who walk (as opposed to run) with the stroller say turning corners is a chore because of the fixed front wheel, which must be lifted slightly. Several write that faulty alignment causes the stroller to veer off track, and some complain that the bells and whistles aren't worth much: the pedometer doesn't work, they say, and the onboard sound system, which sealed the deal for more than one purchaser and apparently keeps a number of youngsters entertained, is tinny and insufficiently loud.

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As for the specifics, the Jeep Overland Limited boasts three 16-inch wheels, spring-loaded suspension, and angle-adjustable handlebar. Safety features include a height-adjustable 5-point harness and a tether strap; there's a hand brake in addition to foot (parking) brakes. The seat reclines to five positions, the sun canopy can be adjusted, and the front wheel pops off for storage; when folded, the Jeep Overland Limited stands upright. This model also features the removable (and patented) iBaby sound system for use with iPods or MP3 players, an odometer and pedometer, a snack tray for the child, a parent organizer, and an under-seat storage basket. It weighs 26.4 pounds and can carry children up to 45 pounds; it is not compatible with infant car seats.

This is a moderately-priced jogging stroller with a lot of appealing features that's designed for exercising, not for errand-running. And it serves this purpose commendably, according to Jeep Overland Limited reviews. If that's the intended use, this jogging stroller belongs at the top of your shopping list.

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