Lexen Healthy Juicer GP27 Review



Intended primarily to juice wheatgrass, this manual masticating juicer also accepts leafy greens and fibrous vegetables. Users report relatively high juice yield and easy cleaning.

Electric masticating juicers are among the most expensive types of juicers on the market. While this manual model from Lexen doesn't meet every consumer's needs, Healthy Juicer reviews indicate that it can work well for someone who is primarily looking to juice wheatgrass and leafy greens.

The Lexen Healthy Juicer GP27 (starting at $50, Amazon) fastens to a workspace via a suction base and/or by tightening a clamp to the end of a table or counter. This juicer is lightweight, portable, and completely manual, using pure muscle power instead of electricity. Like most any manual masticating juicer, it works by pushing wheatgrass or other greens through a hopper and a hand-cranked auger, with the juice drizzling from one end and the pulp ejected from the other.

In general, users who have reviewed this juicer on Amazon admire its simplicity -- the ease of assembly, disassembly, cleaning, and general use. Most seem to consider the hand-cranking action a plus, not a minus (some even characterize it as another health benefit of the device). Users also like that the juicer ships with extra parts. One drawback cited on Amazon is the small size of the hopper.

Consumers who use the Lexen Healthy Juicer GP27 to juice wheatgrass, kale, spinach, chard, and other greens -- its intended use -- seem to have good experiences. Some users allege that this model can juice other vegetables and fruit, as long as they're chopped in very small pieces. It's important to note that if you're looking for a machine to whip up juice with a variety of fruits and veggies in a flash or serve up fresh OJ on the weekends, this manual masticating juicer is not the model for you.