Metrokane Rabbit Citrus Juicer Review


Think Twice

Users like the sleek, retro look of this manual juicer but find the machine too wobbly. They say it's fine for juicing lemons and limes but too small to effectively juice oranges.

Metrokane Rabbit reviews are virtually identical, giving the manual, hand-crank citrus juicer high marks for style but low marks for effectiveness. The sleek, retro chrome juicer might look great in the kitchen, but overall consumers are not impressed with its performance.

To use this juicer (starting at $40, Amazon), users place half a piece of citrus fruit face-down on the reamer. As the handle is pulled from back to front, the top presses down on the fruit to release the juice. Despite the fact that the entire device is made of metal, much of it doesn't seem solid, users say. On Amazon, many complain that the juicer -- in particular the base and the handle -- feels flimsy and is difficult to operate properly.

One common complaint is that the cavity that holds the fruit during juicing is just too small. Half a lime or lemon fits fine for most users (although some mention that large lemons must be trimmed a bit) but the juicer can accommodate only the tiniest of oranges. Certainly grapefruits would be out of the question. Not only do fruits not fit properly, the Rabbit does a poor job juicing them, according to several user reviews on the Bed Bath & Beyond website. They say the liquid spills over the sides of the juicer, in addition to the spout underneath, creating a sticky, sloppy mess.

Juicers need to do more than just look good on a countertop. There are far better -- and cheaper -- citrus juicers on the market.