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Miracle Blade III 5 Star Rating: Cheapism Best Pick
Where to Buy Miracle Blade III

The Miracle Blade III 11-Piece Set (starting at $20, Amazon), often advertised on TV, is the best knife set for meat lovers on a small budget. The ergonomic design of these unique-looking knives makes them well suited for cutting through bone, cartilage, and grizzle. The stainless steel, rust-resistant blades extend full-tang into the handle, which enhances their strength. One feature that distinguishes the Miracle Blade III set from other low-cost knives is that the blades are not serrated. The set includes four steak knives, one filet knife, one paring knife, one chop n' scoop cleaver, one rock n' chop cleaver, two slicers, and a pair of kitchen shears. Handles are plastic and feature a patented grip to help keep the handle centered in your hand while cutting.

According to Miracle Blade III reviews on Amazon, this cutlery set scores big points for sharpness; one user reports that Miracle blades cut better than expensive, high-end knives that they own. These knives don't appeal only to carnivores. Reviews on Buzzillions and Target report they make quick work chopping up vegetables like potatoes and carrots, stay centered in your hand, and cut straight slices. More plaudits come from reviews on bestcovery.com, where this knife set wins "Best Knife Set under $40" and is touted for sharpness, versatility, and variety; some consumer reviews on the site, however, aren't less enthusiastic. Despite all the high praise these knives receive, some Miracle Blade III reviews complain about rusting, particularly if you put them in the dishwasher.

Take care of these knives -- hand wash and dry them immediately -- and they'll go a long way. This set is a lot of bang for not too many bucks.

by Maralyn Edid (Google+ Profile) – March 5, 2012
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