Sunbeam 13- Piece Knife Set Review


Think Twice

The paring knife, utility knife, fruit/vegetable knife, chef's knife and six steak knives in this set have stainless steel, serrated blades that should be hand-washed; the set also features kitchen shears and a pinewood block for storage. Users slam this set for its unappealing appearance, short life span, and poor design.

The Sunbeam 13-Piece set (starting at $16, Amazon) is ultra-cheap, and in this case, Sunbeam 13-Piece reviews say you get what you pay for this set comes with a 3"paring knife, 5"utility knife, 5" fruit/vegetable knife, 8" chef's knife, 7.5" carving knife, kitchen shears, and six 8.5" steak knives. The blades are stamped stainless steel and serrated, and they do not extend full-tang into the handle. The Sunbeam 13-Piece set also comes with a pinewood block that has a non-slip base.

Sunbeam 13-Piece knife set reviews are scarce, but what we found was largely negative even though it scores as "Fifth Best Knife Set Under $40" on Sunbeam describes these knives as "heavy-duty," but home cooks tend to disagree. Sunbeam 13-Piece reviews on Amazon pan the knives for being weak, poorly designed, and lacking in durability. One consumer review complains about the blades not extending into the handle, which may have caused one to break while cutting a piece of cheese and another gripes about knives beginning to rust after just a year of use. Although Sunbeam lists the set as "dishwasher safe," you're probably better off hand washing and immediately drying these knives. The pine block used for storing these knives earns mixed reviews - a few consumers like the look but a review on Buzzillions calls it "tacky looking." One Sunbeam 13-Piece knife set review on Amazon says she can't figure out which knife goes in which slot.

The Sunbeam 13-Piece Knife set may be one of the cheapest cutlery sets around, but consumers suggest it's not even worth its low price, though you might salvage some value if you need a cheap set for a short period of time. You can definitely find a better quality knife set for less than $45 that will last longer and perform better.

Maralyn Edid

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