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LCD Monitors Comparison

Most buyers of budget monitors seem easy to please. We saw plenty of computer monitors reviews posted by consumers that rave about picture quality and user-friendliness.

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Experts are impressed, as well. Indeed, monitors reviews conclude that manufacturers are now producing budget displays that deliver high-level image quality.

Monitors Picture Quality.

Clean-looking text is a given these days, even on low-cost monitors, which leaves picture quality as the defining characteristic. Experts' monitors reviews often quibble about specific aspects of a display's performance, such as grayscale reproduction, color accuracy, or ghosting, but still assign the models on our list above-average grades. Consumers, meanwhile, don't seem fazed by these technical issues. For the most part, monitors reviews indicate that picture quality on our top picks meet the expectations of consumers and experts alike.

The Asus VS229H-P (starting at $153) leads the pack. It earned an Editor's Choice award from PC Mag, whose monitors review describes the color quality on this IPS (in-plane switching) display as "awesome" and specifically calls out the "spot-on" skin tones and wide viewing angles. The review further notes that the Asus VS229H-P exhibits dark black levels and solid grayscale reproduction but says the picture is occasionally marred by a wisp of motion blur. Monitors reviews at Amazon say color reproduction is sterling and text looks crisp and sharp. A few monitors reviews posted by consumers carp about haze on the screen, which some attribute to the anti-glare coating.

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Consumers and experts are also enthusiastic about the Acer S230HL Abii (starting at $170). Brilliant color and excellent picture quality define this model, according to comments posted at Amazon. An expert monitors reviews at PC Mag notes the uniform color and sharp video but says the S230HL Abii struggles to clearly display gray variations at both ends of the light-dark spectrum. The display is free of motion blur, the review continues, and fonts as small as 5.3 look clean and well-defined.

The very new HP 2011xi (starting at $150) hadn't been widely assessed when we conducted our research, but we did find a few relevant reviews. PC Mag praises the robust colors and solid grayscale performance of this IPS-based display and expert testing found that fonts set to size 6 are perfectly clear but crispness diminishes at smaller sizes. One monitors review at Best Buy asserts the HP 2011xi is a display you can look at for long periods without eye strain.

A CNET expert is impressed with the Dell S2230MX (starting at $140), with its excellent grayscale reproduction and deep black levels. On the other hand, the monitors review says colors are a tad too green but allows as how this finding often emerges in CNET's monitors testing. Over at Newegg, users report that colors on the Dell S2230MX are vibrant enough, the sharpness of the display is just right, and ghosting doesn't register. Consumers who posted monitors reviews at Walmart warm to what they see as rich color and good color balance.

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Fan support for picture quality on the ViewSonic VA2448M (starting at $180) is greater among consumers than experts. A monitors review at PC World grumbles about motion blur and says video looks a little "murky." Comments posted at B&H argue otherwise, asserting that colors are bright and alive and picture quality is sharp and clear. Users reviews at Newegg ditto this assessment.

We rounded up a few additional

entry-level monitors that perform relatively well. Another Asus model, the VS247H-P (starting at $179), presents good, though not great, picture quality, according to a monitors review by PC World. Consumers seem quite satisfied with the VS247H-P's picture quality, however, and monitors reviews at Amazon praise its gaming chops. The AOC I2353PH (starting at $180) also exhibits good color but struggles a bit with black levels, according to monitors reviews at sites such as AnandTech. This model's color reproduction and uniformity are excellent, concludes APC Mag, and the absence of ghosting makes it a worthy gaming monitor. The HP 2311x (starting at $168) puts on a good show with movies and games owing to its deep black levels and rich color, says a monitors review at CNET, but photos present with a slight greenish hue. An expert at Gadget Review likes the overall picture quality but notes the preset "movie" setting is too dark, which has the effect of muting image sharpness and color contrast.

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