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LCD TV Deals

LCD TV deals are easy enough to find, especially if you know where to look. Both online and in-store retailers offer money-saving deals and coupons.

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The time of year you search for LCD TV deals affects what you'll find. The holiday shopping period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is stuffed with enticing LCD TV deals, especially if you're willing to wake up early and brave the crowds on Black Friday. January may seem like the ideal time to find good LCD TV deals (think Super Bowl), but Kiplinger.com says the strength (or weakness) of holiday sales affects the type of deals offered in January. A better time to hunt for deals is March and April when retailers are eager to clean out inventory to make space for the newest models.

Still, it's never too early to start shopping. Bargain hunters should check sources such as Amazon Outlet on a regular basis; "Televisions & Video" is its own category on this site. Online vendor TigerDirect has a "Television" category worth a look, while Newegg.com features televisions in the "Electronics" category where you can search based on screen type. Overstock.com also places televisions under "Electronics," which includes a specific "LCD TV" section -- ditto at Buy.com -- and provides user ratings and comments about models that catch your eye.

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Major retailers also offer LCD TV deals. Target and Best Buy run weekly and daily deals, respectively, through their online sites and in the stores. At Best Buy, LCD TV's fill out their own category under "TVs" and you can browse based on price, brand, size, and multiple other features. During our search we found a Panasonic 32" 720p, 60Hz LCD TV for just $319.99 -- and it comes with free shipping. Walmart features a value-of-the-day that often includes LCD TV deals; alternatively, you can search under the "TV & Video" category for TV's based on price, brand, and type of TV. At Sears you can also browse TVs based on screen type, price, brand, and a number of other features by looking under the "Electronics & Computers" category. Our quick search revealed many priced well below the Cheapism price ceiling of $600, including one Samsung 32" LCD 720p TV priced at just $299.99. Office Max offers a smaller selection of models but still has good LCD TV deals on a regular basis; search under the "Technology" tab for the "Television" section.

Deal sites and coupon sites also point the way to thrifty deals. DealNews and CheapUncle both display "LCD TV" deal categories, while DealCatcher and BradsDeals require the search term "LCD TVs." Deal site SlickDeals, by contrast, maintains a forum section where bargain hunters can post and talk about deals they've found, including LCD TV deals. While checking out the forum we saw a thread for a Samsung 40" 1080p, 60Hz LCD TV from Sears for just $408.49 (plus sales tax) and free shipping. As for coupon sites, we took the liberty of searching for you and used the search terms "TVs", "Televisions", and "LCD TVs". Here are some links to coupon sites you may find useful: Deals.com, MyCoupons, and CouponCraze. Coupons offered on these sites range from free shipping to 40 percent off and more.

Comparison sites that help you determine the absolute best deal also belong in your arsenal. PriceGrabber makes it easy to find and compare LCD TV deals because "TVs" has its own category under "Electronics". At Shopping.com we used the search term "LCD TVs". Finally, Techbargains is worth a daily look and will show you the best deals for the day from online and brick-and-mortar stores.

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