Lee Stevens

Lee Stevens is a video producer and writer. She has created videos for the American Museum of Natural History and the video blog CreatureCast, in addition to Cheapism. From coupon shopping for necessary items to packing lunch every day instead of buying it, every chance to save money in the expensive city is a fun challenge to her.
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    Best Cheap Hotel Chains

    As you travel the byways and highways of our fair land, do you worry that a good cheap hotel is impossible to find? Budget travel sometimes seems harder than it is, with the fear of staying somewhere uncomfortable or unclean leading many to pay up for short-term lodging. But Cheapism found that the best cheap hotel chains offer more than adequate comfort and service with double rooms priced well south of $100 a night. In many spots around the country you'll find several budget hotels situated right across the street from one another, and if the prices are the same, it can be hard to choose where to lay your head.