Philips 13-Watt Energy Saver Soft White CFL Review



These 60-watt-equivalent light bulbs seem almost immune to common gripes about CFLs. Reviewers say the bulbs cast sufficient light immediately and fully brighten in short order. The small size suits fixtures where other CFLs would protrude from under a shade.

These light bulbs abound with advantages over other low-cost CFLs -- not to mention incandescents, according to Philips Energy Saver Mini Twister reviews. A consumer points out on Amazon that the 13-watt bulbs are somewhat shorter than the usual spiral shape, so they aren't visible atop his table lamps. These are T2 light bulbs with thinner tubing than the usual T3 bulbs, which makes them ideal for tight places where other CFLs might not fit. The manufacturer warns, however, that (like most CFLs) they should not be used in recessed or enclosed indoor fixtures; that can shorten their lifespan.

Philips 13-Watt Energy Saver Mini Twister Soft White CFLs (starting at $1.25, or $4.98 for a four-pack) have a brightness of 840 lumens (up to 900 depending on the model). That's fairly high up the scale for a 60-watt replacement and pleases Home Depot customers who are used to CFLs being dimmer. These are quite bright enough to read by, Amazon reviewers agree. And yet, the light they emit is soft and warm. The color temperature is 2,700 Kelvin, the warmest end of the spectrum, where the incandescent bulb resides. Philips 13-Watt Energy Saver Mini Twister CFLs also come in warm white and daylight in addition to soft white, as well as a variety of wattages and bulb bases.

Like most CFL bulbs, these don't come to full brightness instantly, but they have proved among the fastest for their type in testing by outlets such as the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Experts there also identified Philips 13-Watt Energy Saver Mini Twister Soft White CFLs as more efficient than others. As for longevity, Philips claims that these Energy Star-rated bulbs will last 12,000 hours with normal use, or 11 years. The company offers a warranty to guarantee they will be free from defect for that period, if they are used as directed (three hours a day, seven days a week).

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