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Revlon Super Lustrous Creme is a long-time favorite that comes in dozens of richly pigmented shades, keeps lips moist, goes on easy and lasts. Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipcolor has a limited color palette of 10 shades, but users agree the colors are sensational and vivid. They also like the creamy texture and staying power.

Cream (a.k.a. creme) lipsticks are the most common and cheapest of the lipstick formulas, and cream lipsticks reviews reflect that. When commenting about our best cheap cream lipsticks picks -- Revlon Super Lustrous (starting at $4.74, Amazon) and Maybelline ColorSensational Vivids Lipcolor (starting at $5.50, Amazon) -- consumers gush about the wild array of colors, the smooth texture, the moisturizing effect, the longevity once applied, and the compliments they receive. Price, for many users, also proves to be a big selling point. We read quite a few cream lipsticks reviews extolling the virtues of these budget beauty products over the high-priced alternatives that users have tried and found wanting. A budget lipstick many also are steering clear of is Maybelline SuperStay 14(hr) Lipstick (starting at $7.51, Amazon). The "superstay" claim of this Maybelline lip product holds for some users, but a large minority attests to the color's disappearance well before the appointed hour.

The show of enthusiasm for Revlon Super Lustrous, nicknamed The Classic by Real Simple Magazine, is strong. At Target, for example, one reviewer says the product is saturated with color and requires just one layer, which keeps application fast and easy. Other cream lipsticks reviews assert Super Lustrous Creme stays on all day, through meals and liquid breaks, and is easy to wash off. This lip product also garners a crush of support at Ulta, where the majority of users rave about "just right" colors that pop and last. This cheap cream lipstick is available in dozens of shades, from Mink to Luminous Pink.

Color options for Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipcolor are limited to 10, but users seem thrilled with the choices and the intensity of the pigment. At the company site several woman who confess to rarely using lipstick admit being enticed by the colors in this line and commend the overall look. And one makeup professional who posted a cream lipsticks review at Walmart says she bought up all the shades to keep in her kits. Users also note that Maybelline's Vivids Lipcolor keeps lips moist and doesn't bleed or require lip liner to hold it in place.

Another Maybelline product, SuperStay 14(hr) Lipstick, garners a mixed reception from wearers. About half the 260-odd cream lipsticks reviews posted at Ulta attest to its staying power, but about one-third report otherwise. Even at Maybelline's website, where it earns barely an average rating, users grouse that SuperStay doesn't live up to its 14-hour marketing claims; a few assert it wears off in less than an hour and many report needing to reapply after a couple of hours even without having eaten or kissed in the meantime. Still, opinion about the color options -- this cheap cream lipstick comes in 20 shades -- and the depth of the pigment is largely positive.

Cream lipstick, often referred to simply as lipstick, is sold just about everywhere. Creams offer the widest array of colors, but certain shades are identified with a specific era. Early film stars and entertainers popularized dark red throughout the first half of the 20th century. As eye makeup came to the fore during the 1960s, beauty companies started producing softer lip shades, such as pink. A decade later the shelves were lined with colors like nude, purple, and black. Through it all, red has maintained its popularity and these days bright, bold colors are in high demand.

Sometimes called satin or frosted because of the resulting sheen, cream lipsticks are relatively thick and waxy and more moisturizing than their matte counterparts. The intensity of color depends on the finish (satin or frosted), with frosteds clustering at the lighter end of the spectrum. In terms of staying power, cheap cream lipsticks hold the middle ground -- they last longer than inexpensive sheers and glosses but fall short of the budget mattes. The balance between full, rich color and moist comfort is one reason creams are so popular.

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