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Revlon Super Lustrous Matte, another entry in the Super Lustrous line, is embraced by users for its longevity on the lips and luscious colors (currently seven available) despite its slightly drying effect. Nyx Matte Lipstick draws in users with a relatively large array of 22 shades. Reviewers also like this lip product's smooth texture, although some find it a bit drying.

Our reading of matte lipsticks reviews verifies that consumers are eager for, and generally impressed with, the color variety, pigment intensity, quality, and price of the products that made our list. Scores of users give two thumbs up to Revlon Super Lustrous Matte (starting at $4.97, Amazon) and Nyx Matte Lipstick (starting at $5.99, Amazon), although some users of each are disaffected with their drying properties. E.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color (starting at $4.50, Amazon) is a cheap matte lipstick with a frustrating design -- the pencil-like shape is prone to breaking, according to reviewers. Decent color and staying power don't compensate for that irritation.

Revlon's Matte Lipstick is part of the Super Lustrous line and available in seven shades, which seems sufficient for dozens of wearers even as a few hanker for more options. Really Red and Pink Pout garner particular notice in matte lipsticks reviews at sites like and Walgreens. Many users note that this line of cheap lip colors doesn't bleed and lasts quite a while; one reviewer simply says it makes her lips look better. But as with matte lipsticks in general, some reviews assert that Revlon Matte is drying, prompting some to suggest mitigations like smoothing on lip balm first or applying clear gloss after application.

We found a similar range of comments for Nyx Matte Lipstick, a line that includes 22 shades such as Nude, Tea Rose, and Euro Trash. Wearers who bought a full pack thrill to the variety, the rich pigments, and the durability on the lips, according to matte lipsticks reviews at Amazon. At Beautylish users write that colors have punch and pop, and while the smooth texture appeals to many, one reviewer cast it aside because of the patchy feeling upon application. Not unexpectedly, some reviews comment on the drying effect -- users suggest antidotes such as a coconut lip balm undercoat -- although others find this cheap matte lipstick less drying than others. Several reviewers say they have forsaken higher-priced brands in favor of Nyx.

One cheap semi-matte lipstick that falls just short of making our list, Iman Luxury Moisturing Lipstick (starting at $10), gets credit in matte lipsticks reviews at sites like Ulta and Amazon for its creamy and hydrating feel -- an unusual comment about a matte lip color. Users also report that it glides on smoothly and has staying power, although one cautions that it easily transfers to clothing and teeth. Reviewers say the 13 shades, ranging from Black Brandy to Paprika to Teak, go well with darker skin tones.

E.l.f. Studio Matte Lip Color is less undermined by its performance than by the packaging, according to matte lipsticks reviews. Comments posted at several sites, including Makeup Alley and Eyes Lips Face (E.l.f.), indicate the product can be drying, but others counter that drying goes with the matte territory and some even assert E.l.f. Studio Matte is moister than others. Many laud the richly pigmented colors (available in six shades) and the staying power while many others report it feels cakey or waxy and shows off every crack in wearers' lips. But it's the packaging that takes the most heat in reviews. The major gripe is the pencil-like shape, which some say makes this more lip liner than lipstick and quite a few say breaks easily. While the budget price may be enticing, the potential disappointment of a damaged product is a real turnoff.

Affordable matte lipsticks deliver saturated color, last for hours, and are easy to find. A matte (flat) finish lacks luster but is "in" right now, embraced by celebrities, makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and the fashion-forward. The opposite of gloss and shine, matte lipsticks provide deep color -- reds, oranges, and pinks -- but the palette is more limited than what's available in the cream formula. Mattes are perfect for a lunch date with friends or a job interview, as they offer the right amount of color without overwhelming.

On the other hand, matte lipsticks are among the least moisturizing. Matte lipsticks don't only look dry, they feel dry. As matte lipsticks reviews point out, it's important to keep lips well hydrated, and a layer of colorless lip butter or light gloss can help. Another potential strike against mattes is that they tend to be pricey; matte lip color by Clinique and NARS, for example, will lighten your wallet by as much as $20. But manufacturers are hip to market trends and are responding with an increasing range of colors and some cheaper products.

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