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Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Sheers SPF 20 Review

Lips are just as vulnerable to sun damage as the rest of your skin and more and more cosmetics manufacturers are stepping up with products that provide some protection. One of the first lip products to add sun protection factor (SPF) to the ingredients was Neutrogena Moisture Shine Lip Sheers SPF 20. For less than $10, you get a protective, moisturizing, and slightly cooling lip color in any of 16 neutral shades.

The colors in the Moisture Shine line aren't particularly intense, which is true of most glosses and sheers, but this particular product wins applause from users for its ability to hold some color. According to a Neutrogena Moisture Shine review on Beautyandfashiontech.com, these sheers have just the right balance of color, shine, and rich moisturizers, and don't hit you with any off-putting taste or smell. The sheer, light-color formula makes application quicker and easier than with color-saturated cream and matte lipsticks or the two-step, long-lasting products. A quick swipe is all you need, says a review on Epinions -- no precision work required.

by Tahirah Blanding (Google+ Profile) – November 23, 2013
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