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Finding out you're expecting inevitably means a slow but steady dash to round up an assortment of cheap maternity clothes. You'll only be wearing these garments for a few months, so there's no reason to splurge. But that doesn't mean your new wardrobe will be lacking in style or quality. When making our picks for best cheap maternity clothes we considered variety, fit, and comfort in addition to price.

Cheap Maternity Clothes Buying Guide

Finding out you're expecting inevitably means a slow but steady dash to round up an assortment of cheap maternity clothes. You'll only be wearing these garments for a few months, so there's no reason to splurge. But that doesn't mean your new wardrobe will be lacking in style or quality. When making our picks for best cheap maternity clothes we considered variety, fit, and comfort in addition to price.

We limited our search for the best cheap maternity apparel to T-shirts and jeans and settled on Old Navy (basic tees start at $10; jeans start at $20) and Motherhood Maternity (basic tees start at $13; jeans start at $20) as the premier sources. Claiming second place is Liz Lange for Target (basic tees start at $10; jeans start at $25). The offerings at Walmart can't compete despite a starting price of $12 for both jeans and a two-pack of V-neck T-shirts given consumer gripes about quality and comfort.

Like regular-sized clothing, maternity apparel is priced at all levels. So-called designer brands start at about $70 for a pair of maternity jeans compared with budget versions that go for as little as $10 and top out at about $40. Good cheap maternity T-shirts can be had for $10 while upscale maternity tees kick in at about $45. Such price spreads extend across the entire spectrum of maternity wear and are relatively wider or narrower depending on the item in question.

When it comes to evaluating what you get with cheap maternity clothes, fit is everything. No mother-to-be wants to buy a pair of maternity jeans only to have them stretch out three times their size after one wearing; here, we found that Old Navy maternity wear stands out for good fit and shape retention. Selection is another important variable. If you're buying basic pieces you want at least several color/print options; with well over 100 (yes, you read that right) jeans styles and washes, Motherhood Maternity gets the nod for selection. Liz Lange for Target offers a smaller collection but earns high marks in consumer reviews for fit and comfort, especially its T-shirts -- a must-have staple for any pregnant woman.

Most experts, like those at The Bump, buying a few cheap maternity clothes to be mixed and matched, dressed up and dressed down, to get you through the pregnancy. Not sure which items to buy? BabyCenter provides a good list of essentials.

Maternity Clothes Selection.

When shopping for cheap maternity clothes, a decent selection is critical, especially if you're picking out simple basics for mix and match -- the more color and style options to choose among, the easier it is to assemble attractive outfits from a limited number of items.

As noted above, Motherhood Maternity is a motherlode for selection, with about 130 maternity jeans options, including capris, boot cut, skinny jeans, flare jeans, jeggings, plus sizes and petite sizes, and more than 150 T-shirt styles with sleeves (and without) of varying lengths. The proliferation of styles is displayed on the vendor's website and has earned a glowing review by Top Ten Reviews. The report comments on the brand's wide variety of fashionable basics in sizes that should fit most every woman.

Old Navy, another best source for the best cheap maternity apparel, stocks a smaller variety but puts in a good showing with about 30 jeans styles and 12 colors of short-sleeved maternity V-neck T-shirts, including striped. One reviewer who posted at Modern Mommyhood is wild about Old Navy's cheap maternity clothes -- the jeans in particular -- for their contemporary aesthetic.

The Target lineup from Liz Lange currently includes only three styles of maternity jeans and seven colors for its short-sleeved, V-neck maternity T-shirt. Walmart carries 24 jeans styles and eight T-shirt options (tees come in packs of two so you really have only four choices). Shoppers consider Walmart's maternity clothes just so-so, according to comments posted at Cafe Mom, where users report that the maternity section in the stores is pretty thin and disorganized (and absent entirely at some locations).

Maternity Clothes Reviews

To assess fit and comfort -- in the case of maternity clothes these terms are stand-ins for performance -- we turned to maternity clothes reviews posted online.

Maternity Clothes Fit.

Fit is hard to gauge because (duh) every woman is shaped differently and perceives the fit of clothing differently. With maternity jeans, for example, the elastic panel that accommodates a growing belly comes in several styles (a full panel sits over the entire belly, a demi panel hits the belly part way up the underside, and a no panel sits under the belly), each of which fit some women better than others, sometimes a matter of personal preference and sometimes depending on the stage of pregnancy. What most consumers seem to agree on is that maternity clothing should fit much like regular clothing with obvious allowance for ongoing changes in their bodies. While it's near impossible to find unanimity on the issue of fit, we read enough maternity clothes reviews to arrive at some conclusions.

Old Navy earns high marks in maternity clothes reviews at The Bump, where one user simply says the items are cheap and fit well. Others agree, adding that even if the nearest Old Navy doesn't offer a maternity section, ordering online is super easy, delivery is fast, and returns are hassle free. An expert review by says Old Navy's Full-Panel Flared-Leg Jeans (starting at $30) fit well and hold their shape. Fit is likewise lauded in reviews of Motherhood Maternity's Secret Fit Belly Jeans, like the Petite Signature Pocket Boot Cut (starting at $30), which garners mostly five stars at Amazon; one post says they suit a not-skinny body, another says they're flattering, others say the belly panel is snug but not constricting and leaves room to grow, and an octogenarian reports they're the only jeans that accommodate her senior shape.

Purchasers virtually gush over the Liz Lange for Target Maternity Short-Sleeve V-neck Basic Tee (starting at $10) in comments posted at Target. The maternity shirt earns a solid five stars from reviewers who write that they're beyond comfortable and fit perfectly -- not too tight across the belly and with sufficient stretch. One review points out that even in the lighter colors the material is thick enough to obscure bra straps and belly bands.

Maternity clothes reviews for Walmart are far less affirming. One post at Yahoo! Voices advises against buying Walmart maternity clothes online because the fit is so peculiar that you really need to try them on first. On the Walmart website consumers grouse that the Faded Glory Maternity V-neck Tee (starting at $12/2-pack) is shapeless and way too large; one reviewer likens the user experience to wearing a muumuu while another simply says the garment is unflattering.

Maternity Clothes Comfort.

Pregnancy can make a woman uncomfortable in many ways, and maternity clothes shouldn't add to that. Reviews indicate that our top choices meet the comfort standard.

In a maternity clothes review on Yahoo! Voices the Secret Fit Belly Signature Pocket Boot Cut Jeans from Motherhood Maternity earn an enthusiastic nod from the writer who says as soon as she slid them on she knew they were different and more comfortable than others (even regular jeans) she has worn; comments posted elsewhere echo the sentiment. Another post on Yahoo! Voices says Old Navy is the source of a favorite maternity outfit, which is described as extremely comfortable, as well as fashionable and well fitting. At the Old Navy website the Maternity Slub-Knit V-neck Tees(starting at $15) garner praise for being soft, easy to wear, and of a quality that lasts. Indeed, many reviewers report pretty much living in these T-shirts while pregnant.

The line of maternity jeans by Liz Lange for Target -- the Blue-Band Boot Cut Denim Jeans (starting at $25) are one example -- is described in maternity clothes reviews on She Speaks as extremely comfortable. Reviewers rave about the comfort during and right after pregnancy, when normal clothes don't fit yet; one reviewer is particularly taken by their comfort and fashion styling. The only downfall of Target's maternity offerings, commenters note, is the limited selection.

Walmart strikes out on the comfort front with Planet Motherhood Demi-Panel 5-Pocket Boot Cut Jeans (starting at $14). Maternity clothes reviews at Walmart complain about the waistband cutting into the belly, which causes discomfort. There are also several reports about the waistband coming apart after the first wash, and in one case, an hour into the first wearing.

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