Liz Lange for Target Maternity Clothes Review



The basic T-shirt, whose comfort, fit, and low price prompt many shoppers to buy several, is the star in Target's maternity offerings, designed by Liz Lange. Selection is a bit limited but the clothes are comfy and fit well.

Target's line of maternity clothes bears the name of designer Liz Lange, and reviews are strong. The offerings earn high praise at She Speaks, where Target maternity clothes reviews gush over the comfortable and good fitting maternity jeans that don't look like maternity jeans at all; several reviewers report wearing the jeans even though they aren't pregnant. The basic V-neck maternity T-shirts are also spot-on, according to Target maternity clothes reviews. At the retailer's site purchasers remark on the ultra-comfortable shirts that do a fine, and welcome, job of hiding undergarments and also fit in a flattering way while leaving room for growing bellies.

When it comes to selection, the maternity line at Target is a bit thin. There are only five styles of maternity jeans available online, while the basic tee that expectant women rave about comes in just seven colors (black, red, white, grey, plum, turquoise, and orange). The retailer also carries a small assortment of dressy and casual pants, dresses, sweaters, and lingerie in maternity styles, but for outerwear and office attire -- not to mention variety -- you'll need to look elsewhere.

Although Target definitely does not offer the wide array of inexpensive maternity clothes available at other online sites, the items themselves go over well with reviewers. Both the maternity jeans and basic maternity T-shirts are such big hits that women report buying multiple colors and sizes to add variety to their wardrobe through the pregnant months and even those few beyond.

Raechel Conover

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