Walmart Maternity Clothes Review


Think Twice

Questionable quality, fit, and comfort is the telling assessment of Walmart's maternity clothing lineup. The small selection adds to shoppers' disappointment.

For a retailer that's all things to many frugal consumers, the takeaway from Walmart maternity clothes reviews is disheartening. One post at Cafe Mom reports that the maternity section in the local Walmart isn't organized and the clothes are mixed in with non-maternity items, forcing shoppers to sort through the chaff to find the desired garment; another reviewer notes that her Walmart doesn't stock any maternity clothes at all. Other Walmart maternity clothes reviews assert that the quality seems chintzy although passable. The fit of Walmart maternity clothes takes a shellacking in reviews, however. Both the Faded Glory Maternity V-Neck Tee and the Planet Motherhood Demi-Panel 5-Pocket Boot Cut Jeans garner poor marks in Walmart maternity clothes reviews for deficiencies that run the gamut from a baggy, unflattering fit to flimsy construction that falls apart almost immediately to an uncomfortable waistband.

Walmart offers a small selection of low-priced maternity clothes on its website -- 21 maternity jeans styles and 19 tees/shirt/tank tops, for example -- but the stock of maternity apparel seems quite limited for a vendor with such an enormous presence at the economy end of the retail market. Expectant mothers will find some active wear, pants and tops, and a few dresses, but only two styles of shorts, one swimsuit, and no outerwear; work-appropriate garments are scarce.

Filling out your maternity wardrobe from Walmart would seem to be a challenging task in terms of selection, style, fit, and quality. We identified better options for maternity clothing that will keep you on budget and in style.

Raechel Conover

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