Remington MSC-140 Review



This battery-operated shaver sports two foil screens (as opposed to the standard one), which make for a less-irritating shave. Although the screens may not last all that long, the rock-bottom price minimizes the sting. There's an integrated brush for cleaning.

Loyal users of the Remington MSC-140 admit in reviews that they bought this model without many expectations. But at a price that barely reaches the double-digit range, the majority of reviewers express pleasant surprise with the results from this battery-operated flex-foil shaver. One Remington MSC-140 review at Amazon notes that the original intent was to use it as a back-up for a "regular" Remington. But alas, this slower model misses fewer hairs and is now put to work daily, the reviewer writes. Another post echoes this comment, reporting at Best Buy that the travel-ready Remington MSC-140 beats out a $75 shaver. And because this model is so cheap, the reviewer continues, he buys five at a time and stores them wherever he might need to get in a quick shave.

The primary complaint lodged against the Remington MSC-140 concerns the rapid disintegration of the twin foil screens. But the price is so low that most users don't seem to mind pitching a worn-out unit and starting over. On the other hand, many users report getting six to eight months of use before signs of wear. Most reviewers agree that this model produces a clean, close, irritation-free shave. Still, it's often relegated to the travel or back-up bin.

The foil screens on the MSC-140 (starting at $10, Amazon) are made of titanium, and each unit comes with a protective cap for the floating head. The shaver should be cleaned with the included brush; do not run under water. The two AA batteries can be replaced when needed.

This portable, compact shaver sells at a price that can't be beat, especially given its performance.

Emily Lugg

Emily Lugg is a freelance writer and writing tutor in the Writing Center at Ohio Wesleyan University. Always looking for the best investment for her family at the cheapest price, Emily uses research and consumer reviews as her sharpest tools for the savviest shopping.

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