Remington R3-4110A Review



Complete with a pop-up trimmer, this corded/cordless model boasts a 30-minute run time on a full 16-hour charge. The independent rotary heads track the contours of the face for a comfortable shave. Clean it under running water.

Affordability and user-friendliness draw users to this cordless, rechargeable rotary shaver, according to Remington R3-4110A reviews. One man who posted at Amazon notes that he was fully informed about the product and didn't expect a heavy-duty shaver with upscale quality. And yet, he continues, the Remington R3-4110A performs admirably -- and at a budget price. Many other reviewers laud the performance-to-price ratio, saying the Remington R3-4110A delivers a quick, clean shave but arguably at a slower -- and for some, welcome -- pace than more powerful models. Some users caution that a transition period is necessary to determine just how much pressure to apply to avoid pulling hairs or irritating the skin.

The Remington R3-4110A seems to have staying power, as well. It served its purpose for a good three years, comments a user in a review at Home Depot, and others assert they would buy another when the time came. An added plus: Buzzing from the shaver doesn't drown out the bathroom radio, according to a post at the company site.

The Remington R3-4110A (starting at $29, Amazon) boasts three steel blades, each independently flexible. It features a pop-up trimmer and a top that opens for easy cleaning. The battery needs about 16 hours for a full charge, which delivers about 30 minutes of shaving time. One user says he gets two weeks of Monday through Friday shaving before needing a recharge, which is signaled by an indicator light.

This corded/cordless model is well-suited to daily use and also meets the demands of travel. It boasts features found in more expensive models but sells at a budget price.

Emily Lugg

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