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Office Chairs Performance

We based our evaluations of office chairs' performance in large part on a close reading of user reviews. Certain models are sold by only one or two retailers and therefore only reviewed in one or two places.

Office chair reviews are somewhat harsh and no budget office chair escapes criticism. Two chairs in particular garner negative reviews due to poor-quality materials and numerous reports of a faulty product.

Users expect budget office chairs to be comfortable enough to sit on for long periods of time and to properly support the back, legs, buttocks, shoulders, and arms. Also high on the list are durability and quality. Finally, office chair reviews address ease of use -- how easy the chair is to put together and how well it moves and adjusts to accommodate the user.


Comfort seems to be the No. 1 priority among consumers posting office chair reviews. After all, who wants to spend money on a chair that isn't comfortable? Sam's Club members who have posted reviews of the Office Star Space 5500 have nothing but good things to say. One user who has degenerative disc disease says she has always had problems finding a comfortable office chair and this one provides a customized fit with all its adjustable components. She ordered the chair through the company she worked for and liked it so much she bought another one to take with her to a new employer. An Amazon user posting an office chair review likewise notes that the Office Star Space 5500 can be adjusted in lots of different ways to customize it to the user's specific needs, making it extremely comfortable.

Another chair that gets high marks for comfort is the Staples Vocazo. A user who posted a review on the Staples website compares the Vocazo to the famed, high-end Herman Miller Aeron, which the user sits in all day at work. Other office chair reviews single out the Vocazo's padded microsuede seat and all the ergonomic features. As for the Alera Nico Mid-Back Chair, the super-soft, smooth, leather-like material and abundance of padding in the armrests, back, and seat combine to impress users posting reviews at Newegg. However, some note that the chair sits high even at the lowest position, so shorter users may need a footrest. Users posting office chair reviews on Amazon also find the chair very comfortable, saying that the lumbar support and adjustability of the chair make it a good fit.

Office chair reviews of the Z-Line Designs Task Chair ZL1001-01TCU on the website of J&R Electronics tend to focus on quality and durability, giving the chair low marks. But consumers who are able to use the Z-Line Designs Task Chair without any problems call it comfortable, although they don't give many specifics. Office chair reviews of the Techni Mobili 0097M don't mention comfort, as most are occupied with the quality issues discussed on the next page.

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