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New Eyeglasses Websites Worth a Look

Although the online eyewear niche is well saturated, several as-yet-untested online eyeglasses newcomers are worth a mention.

Fledgling companies Urban Glasses and 1800 Specs actively promote themselves in forums and blog comments, but customer reviews of these online eyeglasses newcomers are conspicuously absent. Neither company is listed by the Better Business Bureau, so we consider them order-at-your-own-risk.

Just Eyewear was recently acquired by Coastal and will presumably stick around a while.

Reseller Ratings gives this online eyeglasses newcomer more than eight out of 10 stars, but most of the posted comments we found were elicited through free giveaways, and the BBB awarded the vendor an "F" due to a dozen unresolved complaints.

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Perfect Glasses receives an "A-" rating from the BBB, but again, the only available reviews are from bloggers who received gifts of free eyewear. Neither the impartial Glassy Eyes nor Eyeglass Retailer Reviews bloggers have this online eyeglasses newcomer on their radar.

New York-based Warby Parker stands out from the crowd with hip eyeglass designs and a unique business model that includes a vow to donate a pair of glasses to a needy someone for each pair purchased. The up-and-comer is attracting double-takes from media sources including the New York Times, Inc., New York magazine, and Daily Candy. While Warby Parker struts the cool factor and offers a steep discount over traditional optical shops, each pair of glasses carries a price tag of about $95 -- significantly higher than the other eyewear websites we researched. The experts at Glassy Eyes and Eyeglass Retailer Reviews admit to being impressed -- e.g., the company will ship five frames to try before you buy -- but neither has featured the online eyeglasses newcomer on his site due to the price. If you're willing to pay up for designer-looking frames at less-than-designer cost, Warby Parker may belong in your sights.

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