Kalorik PCM28276 Hot-Air Popcorn Maker Review


Think Twice

For a hot-air popper, the Kalorik PCM28276 is certainly cheap enough, but its performance pales compared to similar models in the same price range. Users critique the end product and are irritated by its automatic shut-off, which interferes with popcorn popping sessions.

Although this hot-air popper touts its ability to pop virtually every kernel dumped into the popping chamber, Kalorik PCM28276 Hot-Air Popcorn Maker reviews take issue with that assertion. The Kalorik PCM28276 (starting at $19) shares many design features with other cheap popcorn poppers, such as straightforward hot-air popper functionality and a lightweight build, but reviews on Amazon report half the kernels remain unpopped and blow out along with the popped kernels. Reviews also carp about the perceived flimsiness of the machine's parts and loudly pan its automatic shut-off, which is meant to shut the unit down before it overheats but reportedly shuts the unit down even before a batch is fully popped. Users posting reviews on Buzzillions also note its limited lifespan.

The Kalorik PCM28276 Hot-Air Popcorn features an on/off switch, which appeals to some users and distinguishes it from other inexpensive hot air poppers that start and stop by connecting to, or disconnecting from, an electric socket. But this lone luxury doesn't compensate for the Kalorik PCM28276's middling popping performance or its relatively small size (a maximum 2.5 quarts of popcorn).

There are hot-air popcorn makers in this same low-cost price range that produce a more consistent product on a more reliable basis. This one doesn't get much love from users and may not be worthy of yours either.

Maralyn Edid

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