New Trent iTorch IMP52D Review



This model is very portable and still holds enough power (5,200 mAh) to recharge most smartphones more than once. Unique features such as a flashlight add value.

The New Trent iTorch IMP52D (starting at $25, Amazon) offers a large battery capacity of 5,200 milliampere hours, a solid yet lightweight feel, and unique features such as a laser pointer and a flashlight built in. At about the size of an iPhone 5, the charger is very portable, according to New Trent iTorch reviews. Some point out it's a little bulky to carry inside a pocket along with a phone, but inside a backpack or purse, no problem. It also comes with a convenient carrying pouch.

A reviewer from iDownloadBlog put the iTorch's battery capacity to the test and found that it didn't quite live up to the manufacturer's claim of up to three charges for an iPhone 5. Still, the battery had more than enough juice for a full charge while the phone stayed powered on. It took around two hours to bring the phone to full power and afterward showed about a third remaining. That was good enough to satisfy the reviewer, given the charger's small size.

In reviews on Amazon, consumers praise the iTorch for its compact size, light weight, and straightforward operation. During one reviewer's testing, the power pack provided more than two full charges to an iPhone 4. Shoppers have found that the iTorch recharges quickly after it's been fully depleted, and many enjoy the laser pointer and flashlight features.

A reviewer at Mac Observer used the New Trent iTorch IMP52D to bring an iPhone 5 and an iPad Mini back to 100 percent from 50 percent, which used up only half the capacity of the external battery. Don't expect this charger to top off a tablet with any kind of speed, however. The output is only 1 ampere, and tablets generally draw about 2 amps. The reviewer also warns that the manual instructs users to deplete the battery's fuel cells at least once a week to keep them healthy, so she doesn't recommend this product for people who might forget to do that.

The New Trent iTorch IMP52D has recharge time of six hours, according to the manufacturer. Its dimensions are 4 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches and it weighs 4.4 ounces. It's compatible with 5-volt devices including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones. It comes with a micro-USB cable and also a Samsung Galaxy Tab converter cable. Users must rely on AC adapters and Apple USB cables they already have.

The New Trent iTorch IMP52D is a portable and powerful little charger that offers a couple of fun extras. Most reviewers have found it handy enough to keep on hand daily and recommend to others.

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