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Lenmar PowerPort Slim PPU2400B
Where to Buy Lenmar PowerPort Slim PPU2400B

Lenmar PowerPort Slim PPU2400B reviews are hard to come by. Reviews for a similar model, the PPU2100B, are mixed. On Buzzillions, users posting PowerPort Slim PPU2100B reviews deem it long-lasting and reliable. They cite charging speed as one of its pros, along with its light weight and compact build; one says the charger is well-made and another calls the quality outstanding. But a third PowerPort Slim PPU2100B review says the cord is flimsy and a fourth says the tips break. In several PowerPort Slim PPU2100B reviews, users also report it fails to power up their devices. When one disgruntled consumer sought a replacement unit, according to a PowerPort Slim PPU2100B review on Epinions, Lenmar said the swap would take four to six weeks and the user had to pay for shipping.

In terms of power, the 2,400 mAh lithium ion battery in the Lenmar PowerPort Slim PPU2400B (starting at $24, Amazon) bests all the mobile device chargers we researched but for the I-Up 5400. Like most such products, the Lenmar PowerPort Slim recharges via USB. This charger comes with only two tips, mini-USB and micro-USB, the latter set to become the standard for mobile phones in the U.S. by 2012. You can also plug your own Apple charging cable directly into this cheap mobile device charger's USB port to revive an iPhone or iPod. To find out whether the PowerPort Slim PPU2400B is compatible with your devices, you can visit Lenmar's BatteryCentral site.

With only reviews for another Lenmar model to go on, we can't say how well the PPU2400B performs, so we don't include it among our good and best mobile device chargers. The Lenmar PowerPort Slim PPU2400B comes with a one-year warranty.

by Jeremy BenderSeptember 18, 2014
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