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The Beltronics Vector 955 doesn't come with the same classy features that its midrange cousins do, but it outperforms most other cheap radar detectors. It features voice alerts, an auto scan feature, and three city modes. Its band response leans toward K and KA bands, but users and experts say it's a well-balanced product and a worthwhile buy for the price.

Beltronics Vector 955 reviews by experts laud this low-cost radar detector for its extensive range and reliability.  They rate it as an excellent buy, partly because, as a review on Radar Test notes, it sends users fewer false alerts than rival models. It also has the ability to pick up laser signals from any direction, that is, in a 360-degree arc. Users confirm that false alerts are rare, and one review on Amazon notes that it works especially well when set on one of the three city modes and it handily picks up a radar gun's signal about 1.5 miles away.

The Beltronics Vector 955 (starting at $139, Amazon) boasts several features usually reserved for pricier models, according to a Beltronics Vector 955 review by, such as an LED display and digital signal processing ability, which lowers the frequency of false alerts. The Beltronics Vector 955 also includes the all-important basics, like voice alert, several city modes, and an auto scan that searches for nearby bands. It comes with three brightness levels; VG-2 immunity, which prevents a police radar-detector detector from spotting the unit; and it detects X, K, and KA, and Laser bands.

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Strong user and expert reviews of the Beltronics Vector 955 indicate this cheap radar detector is a top performer and a best value. Its reliability and range alone are worth the price, and its ability to grab the driver's attention without distracting makes it a solid buy.

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