Cobra XRS 9955 Review



The Cobra XRS 9955 is a decent radar detector for frugal consumers. It includes a USB port that can link to an optional GPS module to consult its database of red-light camera and speed camera locations and warn of them in advance. Experts say this model has trouble detecting K and KA band radars.

The Cobra XRS 9955 (starting at $163, Amazon) does well enough in spotting speed traps from afar, and Cobra XRS 9955 reviews praise the reach of its range. One user who posted a review on Amazon says the unit picked up a motorcycle cop nearly two miles away. But the credibility of this inexpensive radar detector is hampered by false alerts set off by other detectors, an irritant that may be less of a problem when it's set to highway mode. A review by experts at Radar Test reports that it excels at picking up the older X-band signals but struggles a bit with the K band and the most commonly-used KA band. Reviews praise both its strobe alert, which easily captures the driver's attention, and a display that's clearly visible from the driver's seat.

The Cobra XRS 9955 can reportedly pick up a signal from 28,000 feet for all major bands in perfect conditions. It features a USB port that can link to a GPS device and three city modes to suppress false alerts. Each unit also contains a low car-battery warning, a voltage display for the same battery, and an eight-point compass.

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Although the Cobra XRS 9955 sometimes has trouble with the K and KA bands, in the right conditions this model can shine. Expert and user enthusiasm for the LED screen, feature set, and range make this product worth considering.

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