Tiger JBV-A10U Review


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This micom rice cooker uses a computer chip to monitor temperature and optimally cook 10 cups of rice. A synchro-cooking feature prepares other foods simultaneously.

Pros: Many people who eat rice daily insist on a rice cooker that is easy to use and never burns the grains inside -- and many are confident that they have found it in the high-performing yet low-priced Tiger JBV-A10U (starting at $70; available on Amazon). Across retail sites, countless user reviews praise the excellent "restaurant quality" rice from this machine, which contains a microcomputer to ensure that rice is cooked at the ideal temperature every time. Brown rice, which is a true test for many rice cookers, comes out especially well, according to Tiger JBV-A10U reviews. This model also claims a unique synchronized cooking method for preparing other foods in the pot alongside the rice. It employs a special plate to ensure that the flavors, textures, and even colors of the foods stay distinct. A user who posted a review on Amazon was impressed that none of the color from purple carrots bled into the rice cooking below. Many others praise the unit's ability to make a full meal all in one pot.

Cons: While some like the compact size of the Tiger JBV-A10U, others are put off by the relatively small portions -- especially when the synchro-cooking function is employed, dropping the capacity from 5.5 cups to just 2 cups of uncooked rice. The main complaint lodged against this model in user reviews, however, is that it's made in China, not Japan, and does not seem to last as long as classic Tiger cookers that can be passed down to the next generation. In addition to several gripes about the coating on the nonstick pot flaking off, there are a few claims that this machine lasts only about as long as its one-year warranty. Still, other reviewers state that this Tiger model has been with the family for a number of years and is functioning perfectly well.

Features: There are four cooking modes on this appliance: plain (white rice), synchro- cooking, brown rice, and slow cook/steam. The machine keeps rice in a warming mode for up to 12 hours after it has finished cooking, although this setting is recommended only for plain rice. In addition to the standard spoon and measuring cup, the Tiger JBV-A10U also comes with a cookbook full of recipes and tips for using the (BPA-free) synchro-cooking plate. The instruction manual recommends that the nonstick inner pot be washed by hand, rather than in a dishwasher, to avoid damage to the coating.

Takeaway: Many users say this computerized model from the Japanese company Tiger offers versatility and wonderful results. While a few caution that it may not represent the same quality as some of the brand's other models, the preponderance of positive reviews and the affordable price make it a good pick.

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