iTouchless AV002A Review


Think Twice

Durability is the main problem with the iTouchless AV002A Automatic Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. Several users report that it doesn't hold a charge or quits working after only a few uses. This machine also seems to do a poor job transitioning between different floor types and reportedly can't handle carpet at all.

Users posting iTouchless vacuum reviews on the Home Depot website are not impressed with the iTouchless AV002A Automatic Intelligent Robotic Vacuum Cleaner (starting at $127, Amazon), reporting that it doesn't transition well between hardwood flooring and carpet and often gets stuck on carpet. One unhappy user posting a review on Amazon agrees, calling the machine maddening because it stalls out even on low carpet. Other users posting iTouchless vacuum reviews on Amazon report that this cheap robotic vacuum is not very durable and stops working or stops holding a charge after only a few uses.

ITouchless doesn't indicate how long the AV002A takes to charge, but it can clean for 70 minutes on a full charge. Special features include stair and ledge detection, wall- and corner-cleaning technology, and a feature that turns the machine off when it gets stuck. This vacuum also comes with a remote control and has the ability to come into a lighted area when it's done cleaning so it's easy to find.

One paper, this model seems able to compete with the other low-cost robotic vacuums on our list. In practice, according to user reviews, it just doesn't make the cut. While most robotic vacuums struggle on carpet, this one seems to perform exceptionally poorly. It also worries us that users report that it stops working after only a few weeks. This model is perhaps best avoided.

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