P3 International P4920 Robotic Vacuum Review


Despite lacking a lot of special features, the extremely cheap P3 International P4920 Robotic Vacuum gets good marks from users posting P4920 reviews on Newegg. They say it maneuvers well around furniture and walls and does a good job picking up dirt and dust. The main gripe in reviews seems to be that the vacuum takes almost a full day to charge. The long charge time coupled with only 45 minutes of running time means it can really clean only one room per day.

The P3 International P4920 Robotic Vacuum (starting at $33, Amazon) is the cheapest and simplest robotic vacuum we researched. Its only special feature is an along-the-wall mode that allows it to clean a room's perimeter. It cleans hardwood, tile, and carpet, but the user must manually add an attachment to transition to tile and hardwood floors from carpet.

While some users seem to like this vacuum and compliment its maneuverability and cleaning ability, others find it lacking. Robotic vacuums are supposed to be easy to use and "intelligent," and this model falls short on both counts. Some consumers might feel its worth the super-low price, but we think you'll find better value for your money if you spend a little more.

Raechel Conover

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