Olympia 18-inch Rolling Backpack Review



Despite a few reports about the Olympia 18-inch Rolling Backpack falling over when standing, most users consider this a good cheap backpack choice, with excellent maneuverability and durability. It's made of "supreme polyester" and features self-repairing zippers and a double-rod retractable handle.

Shoppers searching for a good, cheap rolling backpack found this one, according to Olympia 18-inch Rolling Backpack (starting at $27, Amazon) reviews on Overstock.com. One user says the handle is easy to manage and the bag rolls smoothly over different terrains. Another asserts that if the rolling backpack can hold up under her son's rough-and-tumble care, it surely must be a high-quality product. The only minor gripe we found in reviews concerns its tendency to fall forward from a standing position when full, which is a common occurrence with this type of backpack. In Olympia 18-inch reviews on Walmart, users also express satisfaction with this model, saying it maneuvers easily and holds mounds of stuff, although some note the wheels tend to get noisy after a while.

The Olympia 18-inch Rolling Backpack has a shipping weight of 6 pounds and is made of supreme polyester. It has a double-rod retractable handle that locks in place, and is equipped with in-line skate wheels, a self-repairing zipper, and a water bottle holder. The bag has padded shoulder straps and several zippered compartments.

This inexpensive rolling backpack meets all of our must-have requirements and is overall a very good deal. Despite comments about tilting forward and noisy wheels, users, for the most part, find the bag easy to haul around, roomy, and built to last.

Raechel Conover

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