Port Authority Wheeled Backpack Review


Think Twice

Problems with the wheels and bare-bones online specifications drag down ratings on this model and outweigh pluses like a shell made with 600-denier fabric and multiple transport modes.

Port Authority Wheeled Backpack (starting at $28, Amazon) reviews are limited, and those we found are mixed. In reviews on Amazon,and a second Amazon page, a couple of users report that the backpack is quick to fall apart; that is, the wheels and the zippers break. BigNTallApparel.com gives this bag a three-star rating without justifying why (user and/or the site's own assessment are not accessible).

The Port Authority Wheeled Backpack is made from 600 denier polyester and features in-line skate wheels and a single-rod pulley system for the handle. It's equipped with several zippered compartments, backpack straps in case you don't feel like rolling it, and a water bottle holder. Manufacturer specifications do not indicate the weight.

We're hesitant about this backpack partly because we don't know how much it weighs but largely because of user complaints about failing wheels. The whole point of a rolling backpack is just that -- wheels that go round when you need to get your stuff from place to place -- and if you can't count on its rolling functionality, why bother?

Raechel Conover

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