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Scooters Performance

According to the scooter reviews we read, the hallmark of the best scooters is the quality of the ride and the model's longevity. We also noted in scooter reviews on a variety of websites that Razor scooters far and away outrank other labels in the hearts and eyes of young riders.

Some models with cartoon themes by makers like Huffy earn decent reviews, but parents casually comment in posts how their children have been lusting after a Razor like those used by older siblings or kids in the neighborhood. Our picks for best scooters reflect this widely reported sentiment.

Scooters Ride.

For young riders in particular, ease of use is critical. We read many scooter reviews noting how eager toddlers are to imitate older brothers and sisters, and three-wheeled scooters fit the bill perfectly. The Radio Flyer My First Scooter is a hit with parents and children alike. Scooter reviews on Amazon, for example, note how safe the Radio Flyer seems: the wide deck and well-spaced front wheels provide stability and the relatively slow rate of travel ensures the child will be able to maintain control. A review of the best scooters at Target points out that the single back wheel design makes it unlikely that the child will hit his/ her foot while kicking. On the other hand, the wide turning radius on the Radio Flyer is a turn-off for some parents, who note in scooter reviews that it's hard to round corners in the house; a few also say the relatively slow speed saps some of the fun. The Razor Kiddie Kick finds plenty of fans for its two-back-wheel configuration, again because of the stability it ensures. Scooter reviews on Meijer say little children quickly learn scooting basics on the Kiddie Kick but add that they'll quickly outgrow this model, which can't be adjusted for height. Parents also report in scooter reviews on Toys R Us that the Kiddie Kick is slower than you'd expect for a tot's scooter, requires too much effort to get going, and doesn't coast very far, even on a slight slope.

The best kick scooters for older children score for their easy riding performance. Safe and smooth are adjectives used to describe the Razor A in scooter reviews. Parents commenting on Walmart report that 5-and 6-year-olds learn to ride almost immediately, and the low deck gives confidence to children who might otherwise fear falling. This scooter handles well and apparently gets lots of indoor workouts during winter months, with no telltale marks left on floors. The Razor A2 likewise earns accolades, with scooter reviews on Sports Authority saying youngsters take to it so quickly and regularly that they wind up getting plenty of exercise. Some riders use the Razor A2 for entry-level tricks, like jumping, but one parent reports having removed the wheelie bar because it blocked easy access to the brakes.

In the motorized scooter department, Razor lands on top again with its E100. Scooter reviews on sites like Drugstore.com comment on the speed with which kids learn to ride and the thrill of their newly acquired mobility. Other reviews note the success of the Razor E100 as gifts, in part because it elevates the rider's cool status within the neighborhood posse. The X-Treme X-140 runs quietly and is lighter than electric Razors and thus easier to maneuver, according to reviews of the best scooters on Amazon. On the downside, says one parent, the solid rubber front tire makes for a slightly rough ride.

Scooters Durability.

Given the simplicity of design and construction, there's not much that can go wrong with the best cheap kick scooters. And those on our list -- the models made by Razor and Radio Flyer -- pass the durability test without much sweat. Many scooter reviews say the Razor kick scooters are sturdy, relatively long-lived, and seemingly impervious to being kicked around. We did, however, come across a report about rusting joints on the Razor A2 in a scooters review on the Target site, and another report on Sports Authority about sharp edges. The Radio Flyer likewise proves solid, well-built, and durable, according to scooter reviews. The one caveat concerning the two entry-level scooters we researched, the Radio Flyer and Razor Kiddie Kick, is that tots quickly outgrow them in terms of size (length of deck and height of handlebars) and appeal (after a while, they just seem babyish).

Aside from a few comments about the battery on the Razor E100 running down quickly, and one report on Walmart about its inability to hold a charge within a year of purchase, scooter reviews say this electric scooter boasts a solid build and overall quality construction that holds up for at least several years. The X-treme X-140 doesn't fare quite as well on the durability front. A scooters review on Amazon reports the drive belt broke on the scooter's second outing and the replacement failed quickly, as well. Another says the scooter arrived with a broken on/off switch, and a third says the electrical wiring failed after the scooter was thrown to the ground. Other reviewers, however, like what they term the scooter's solid build.

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