Crock-Pot 3735-WN Review


This basic slow cooker comes with just enough features to get the job done, according to Crock-Pot 3735-WN reviews. Many consumers mention that the 3.5-quart capacity is exactly what they were looking for given the size of their households. A review posted at Epinions, for example, relates that this comparatively small slow cooker makes enough stew or chili to feed four without leftovers; other reviews say it's the perfect size for two-person households. Regardless, users report successfully preparing soups and stews (Tip: add ingredients like noodles and asparagus later in the cooking process), pulled pork and roast chicken, beans and steel-cut oatmeal. And yet, reviews at Amazon caution that this cooker runs hot. Users say that recipe recommendations for time and heat may need to be ratcheted downward; one review reports that soups are done in four hours and another suggests sticking around to make sure nothing burns.

The biggest gripe posted in Crock-Pot 3735-WN reviews concerns the plastic handles and knob. Consumers who commented on both sites say the round lid handle, which is attached with a screw, tends to come loose (regardless how often you tighten it) and is a repository for dishwater. The handles on the crock itself seem weak to some users, several of whom report they have cracked or come perilously close to falling off. Some reviews also describe the outer metal shell as thin and too easily dented and a few comments posted several years ago grumble about ill-fitting lids, which let steam escape and the contents to bubble out onto the counter.

The Crock-Pot 3735-WN (starting at $24, Amazon) is a stripped-down 3.5-quart slow cooker with hi, low, and off settings; the absence of a keep warm setting or indicator light, increasingly common on budget slow cookers, doesn't seem to deter users who otherwise like this model. The stoneware oval crock is removable and stick-resistant, and Crock-Pot 3735-WN reviews say it cleans up easily - soap and warm water do the trick for any bits that are stuck to the sides. The Crock-Pot 3735-WN also features the usual glass lid.

The Crock-Pot 3735-WN is as basic as it gets for a slow cooker, but its small size seems to be a large draw for slow cooker users.

Maralyn Edid

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