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Praised by experts and consumers alike for impressive power given its size, this electric snow blower boasts a 10-inch-high cut along a 20-inch path, plus an unusual four-year warranty. Users laud its build quality and performance in moderate snowfalls.

GreenWorks Snow Thrower reviews are strong across expert and consumer review sites. This electric snow blower is tagged a leader in its class by reviewers, who shine a spotlight on its power, feature set, and durability. Users posting reviews on Viewpoints express relief that this snow thrower makes the old lifting-and-throwing routine a thing of the past and say it does a first-rate job on lighter snow up to 8 inches and manages moderate amounts of heavier snow at a slower pace. The power surprises some users, according to reviews on Amazon, where they tell of quickly clearing large driveways covered in several inches of snow, which lands far enough out of the way to avoid the annoyance of clearing the same snow twice. We did, however, come across a post saying the throw distance drops slightly when the discharge chute is turned to the side. These reviewers ditto the assessment that denser snow requires more effort and a few caution that too many storms dumping lots of wet snow in a season might be too much for this model. Of course, you can always minimize the strain on the machine by running the snow thrower periodically as the snow piles up. In general, though, GreenWorks 26032 reviews indicate that purchasers are quite pleased with the performance-to-price ratio.

At 46 pounds, the GreenWorks Snow Thrower (starting at $200, Amazon) is still easy to maneuver -- 8-inch radial wheels are a big help -- or even carry onto a deck. This model features a 12-amp electric motor and can move up to 500 pounds of snow a minute. It has a 10-inch intake and 20-inch clearing path and a maximum throwing distance of 20 feet. The blades are plastic and the discharge chute can be rotated 180 degrees. There's a cord lock to ensure it stays plugged in, and the handlebar can be set at three heights; even tall users find it comfortable.

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The Greenworks Snow Thrower is a sturdy and reliable performer, one backed by a particularly long four-year warranty. Given its price, features, and execution in moderate snowfalls, this snow thrower looks like a good deal.

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