WORX Snow Thrower Review



Noted for its prowess in light, powdery snow, this electric snow thrower sometimes leaves a very thin layer behind but is easy to handle and well-liked by users. A few aren't wild about some of the plastic components and assembly instructions.

Consumers looking for a light but sturdy electric snow blower that's sufficient for several inches of mostly fluffy snow will be happy with the WORX Snow Thrower. This electric snow thrower is recommended for snowfall up to 8 inches and WORX Snow Thrower reviews on Snow Blowers Direct say that in such conditions, it clears like a champ. Small amounts of slushy snow are quickly cleared and hurled yards away, assert some reviews. One user notes as an aside that a bottom layer of ice may cause some skidding of the plastic wheels without affecting snow removal. Consumers also cheer this model in reviews on Amazon. One reports it successfully nibbled through 2-foot snow-plow piles at the end of the driveway. Another compares it favorably to a slightly more powerful competitor in terms of price and overall value but concedes that the WORX Snow Thrower lags a bit when set against deep and dense snow. The WORX Snow Thrower is easier to store, this review continues, and less demanding of the required electrical accessories (e.g., extension cord and circuitry). Several users posting reviews on both sites carp about the assembly instructions, saying they're not very clear and might frustrate anyone without some technical skill.

The WORX WG650 (starting at $228, Amazon) weighs 27 pounds and users consider it light enough to lift into a car or truck. It boasts a 13-amp engine and rubber-tipped steel auger that can clear a path 18 inches wide by 9 inches deep (with a 10-inch intake). The discharge chute rotates 180 degrees (control is positioned on the handlebar) and the maximum throw rate is 30 feet; WORX WG650 reviews say heavy snow is more likely to land 15-20 feet away. The handlebar can be set at three heights -- users taller than 6 feet say it's a tad short even at the highest level -- and collapses for storage.

Steady pushing at a moderate pace in fluffy snow, and the WORX Snow Thrower is at its best. It manages under more trying conditions, as well, but you'll need more patience and may have to unclog the chute periodically (WD-40 is a useful preventive measure). Bottom line, you won't be disappointed.

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