Craftsman Snow Thrower Review



The Craftsman 88780 is a gas snow blower with an electric start and the power to storm through medium-depth snow. Users like the convenient features and overall performance.

The manufacturer specs say the Craftsman Snow Thrower (starting at $500) is engineered for moderate amounts of snow, but Craftsman 88780 reviews report it manages just fine in snowfalls of a foot or more. The one caveat, reviews say, is that deeper snow shortens the throwing distance. One purchaser posting a review on a consumer products website notes that 19 inches presented no obstacles -- no balking, no clogging, and not much extra push-power required. Another reviewer says this gas snow blower proved its mettle on all but the deepest drifts, some as high as 6 feet. Other Craftsman Snow Thrower reviews on Sears similarly say it clears deep, crusty snow down to the surface, with one or two noting it may choke a bit on densely packed piles left by street plows. Some, including one consumer who lives in North Dakota, assert this lightweight consumer-grade snow blower is as effective as heavier, more powerful models. Specs don't indicate the maximum throw rate, but a review on Craftsman Community says lighter snow flies a good 15 to 20 feet. Separate tanks for fuel and oil are a big draw, and several reviews say you get more than three hours of steady snow blowing on a tank of gasoline.

Amidst all the high praise, a few minor grumblings surfaced. One Craftsman 88780 review complains about limited traction and parts that wear out quickly. Another says the starter broke on first use. Yet another gripes about the absence of a lever to adjust the discharge chute, forcing the user to bend down to do so.

The Craftsman Snow Thrower is a single-stage (use only on smooth surfaces) gas snow blower with a179cc engine, 13-inch intake, and 21-inch clearing width. The discharge chute rotates 190 degrees and the wheels are eight inches high. This model also features an electric start, although reviewers say they rarely use it because the recoil start revs the motor on the first pull.

Sitting at the top of our cheap price range, the Craftsman Snow Thrower may seem like a reach for frugal consumers but the investment should pay off in terms of effectiveness and ease of use.

Elizabeth Sheer

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