Hamilton Beach 31508 Review


Dubbed a six-slice toaster oven, the Hamilton Beach 31508 isn't as large as it seems, say users, most of whom nonetheless like its fast and effective performance; others gripe about minor design issues.

Hamilton Beach 31508 reviews credit this six-slice toaster oven with decent performance given the price point. For many consumers it replaces a regular oven for small-scale baking and broiling chores and also fills in as a toaster. At Bon-Ton some reviews deem the toasting and baking output excellent and others at Walmart similarly note the even and consistently brown toast as well as the product's overall efficiency and effectiveness.

At Amazon, however, a bevy of reviews contend the control knobs are imprecise, forcing users to experiment with settings and monitor whatever is happening inside. Indeed, we found a small pile of complaints in reviews about the three dials -- too many and too confusing -- although Good Housekeeping points out that the comprehensive owner's manual makes everything clear. Reviewers also insist that the interior of the unit seems smaller than the six-slice description suggests -- it can take six pieces of bread only if cut from a narrow loaf, says one -- and some report the stainless steel front gets hot to the touch.

The Hamilton Beach 31508 (starting at $30, Amazon) comes with a slide-out crumb tray and a bake pan. There's a 30-minute timer with an automatic shutoff as well as a stay-on setting. It measures 17"(l)x13.5"(w)x9"(h) and offers a one-year limited warranty.

If you're looking for a slightly larger toaster oven in the budget range and aren't deterred by the challenge of three dials, this could be the model for you.

Elizabeth Sheer

Elizabeth Sheer is a Brooklyn-based writer and researcher. In addition to researching and writing about household appliances and other consumer items, Elizabeth draws on her history of preparing cooking-related articles to conduct taste tests on all things delicious.

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