Maxi Matic Elite EKA-9210 Review


Think Twice

A missing temperature gauge for the oven on this four-slice model is a turn-off for many consumers, as is the cumbersome control mechanism that forces a choice of top, bottom, or both elements to broil, bake, or toast, respectively.

The best attributes of the four-slice Maxi Matic Elite EKA-9210 (starting at $24, Amazon) are the low price and the ease of use. Some Maxi Matic Elite EKA-9210 reviews at Amazon say the no-frills components get the job done but most posts carp about poor results that reflect a design and controls that don't allow for precision tuning. Reviews point out that choosing among toast, bake, or broil turns on, respectively, both elements, the bottom element, or the top element but affords no options for setting the heat level. Rather, there are light, medium, and dark toast settings and a 15-minute timer with a stay-on override.

Easy enough, especially compared to what some consumers consider the confusing series of actions required to get other toaster ovens off and running. And Maxi Matic Elite EKA-9210 reviews at Newegg in fact report that it heats up quickly and does a fine job on toast and frozen foods. But other reviews assert toast quality is inconsistent and without a temperature gauge, anything left to bake must be watched intently. Some users also complain that the toasting rack sits too high and the timer is unreliable.

Where to buy

This compact toaster oven comes with a drop-down crumb tray and bake pan. Its footprint is smaller than other models we researched, measuring 14.5"(l)x11"(w)x8.25"(h). As usual, it offers a one-year limited warranty.

If simple is what you're after, the Maxi Matic Elite EKA-9210 might suffice. But take heed: Its simplicity is also its limitation.

Elizabeth Sheer

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