Pillow Pet Pee Wees Review



These smaller siblings of the much-loved Pillow Pets are the perfect size for toddlers and let parents get their kids in on the trend for less cash.

Pillow Pet Pee Wees (starting at $20, Amazon) are the smaller, younger siblings of the wildly popular 18-inch Pillow Pets. Measuring 11 inches wide, Pillow Pet Pee Wee reviews indicate that these foldable plush animals are just right for smaller heads and hands, and make compact travel buddies. They also cost less, selling at right around the $13 price point, while the larger version retails at just under $20.

We had our 8-year-old toy tester check out the Pee Wee version of Ms. Lady Bug, a fuzzy black and red insect, to see how she stacked up to her larger counterpart. All in all, the Pillow Pet Pee Wee reviewer's feedback was positive. Our tester, already a fan of the original Pillow Pets, liked the cuddly cuteness and petite size of the pee wee. She did express doubt about whether or not the pet would be too small for sleeping.

While the 18-inch pillows may be best for big kids, parents' Pillow Pet Pee Wee reviews on sites like Target and Walmart say the 11-inch size is perfect for toddlers. Other than a few Pillow Pet Pee Wee reviews on Amazon that describe these toy pets as small, we found no negative comments about the Pee Wee Pillow Pets.

Pillow Pets are a simple and straightforward phenomenon that doesn't look to be fading into obscurity any time soon. Both the original 18-inch pets and their 11-inch Pee Wee pals are almost universally loved by their owners. For those looking to cash in on this trend for less, the new Pee Wee Pillow Pets are a good entry-level option.

Gina Briles

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