Delta LX Side by Side Review


Delta LX Side by Side Stroller reviews show this model to be a big hit with parents. Quick and easy folding is a boon when trying to corral two kids, writes one grandmother in a Delta LX Side by Side Stroller review at Sears, while other reviewers commend its relatively light weight and compact size (remember, this is a double stroller) that enable lifting, storing, and maneuvering through the entrance to stores or down crowded walkways. The two seats accommodate twins or children of different ages, report Delta LX Side by Side Stroller reviews at Amazon and Walmart, and the ride seems smooth enough. Several posts, however, claim the seats are too narrow and short for bigger toddlers' comfort and the handles too low for adults' comfort. The sun canopies, too, are targets of some griping for their alleged ineffectiveness, and a couple of Delta LX Side by Side Stroller reviews note problems with the seat fabric.

This double stroller boasts some welcome features. It keeps kids secure with five-point harnesses (padded at the shoulders) and each seat sports a multi-position recline. The six shock-absorbing front wheels rotate 360 degrees, and the back wheels are equipped with brakes. There are two sun canopies, a cup holder for parents, and a hanging organizer pouch behind each seat. The stroller weighs less than 20 pounds and the maximum capacity of each seat is 35 pounds. And, it fits through a standard 30-inch doorway.

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The Delta LX Side by Side stroller starting at $92, Amazon) is a value deal for families in need of two-seat, wheeled transport. The light weight, compact fold, ease of use, five-point restraints, and ability to fit through most doorways are big plusses. Don't pass this one by.

Raechel Conover

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