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Parents say the Ignite by The First Years is roomy and comfortable, even for a 5-year-old, while pushing is easy, even in crowded places. This umbrella stroller comes with some upmarket features (e.g., a semi-reclining seat) but sells for a budget price.

Several hundred four- and five-star ratings attach to The First Years Ignite reviews at Amazon. Among the many reasons reviewers rave about this low-cost umbrella stroller is its ability to comfortably accommodate older kids. One mother writes of testing it out on her 4-year-old, who weighed 39 pounds and stood 43 inches tall at the time, and found it was an easy fit. Other reasons cited include a combination of features, performance, and price. The First Years Ignite reviews mention factors such as taller-than-average handlebars that let parents stand upright while pushing and keep them from kicking the back while walking, the five-point harness that secures kids firmly in place, and the semi-reclining seat. At Walmart reviewers comment appreciatively on the lightweight design, saying it easily fits in tiny automobile trunks and folds up one-handed in seconds. It scores for maneuverability as well in The First Years Ignite reviews at Toys R Us, where users say steering is smooth and pushing unforced.

The few dings lobbed at this lightweight stroller include a small storage basket that's difficult to access, the very minimal recline, a sun canopy that doesn't adequately shield passengers, and an occasionally sticky folding-lock mechanism.

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The First Years Ignite (starting at $60, Amazon) boasts features that are often associated with higher-end strollers, and posts indicate they are a strong attraction for buyers. The seat reclines at several angles (but does not lie flat); the front wheels swivel (a boon for steering); the five-point (over-the-shoulders) harness provides extra security; the sun shade is adjustable and removable; and a large pouch for parents garners dozens of thank-you's for its size and convenience. The stroller rolls on eight 6-inch wheels -- the front two sets swivel -- and stops with rear brakes; the front wheels can also be locked in position for straight-on navigation. This umbrella stroller opens and closes with one hand and holds kids up to 50 pounds; empty, it weighs 14.25 pounds. The First Years Ignite is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

For a tiny package, The First Years Ignite packs a big bang. The multiple recline, parent pouch, under-seat storage, swivel wheels, and high handlebars give it an up-market feel at a budget price. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from users is a compelling selling point.

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