Jeep Wrangler All Weather Stroller Review


Think Twice

On paper the Jeep Wrangler All Weather Stroller seems to stack up with the best, but reviewers are disappointed. They report problems with durability and tight seating, and say a narrow wheel base means they kick the back while pushing.

Opinion about this budget buggy is divided, according to Jeep Wrangler All Weather Stroller reviews. On the plus side, Jeep Wrangler All Weather Stroller reviews at sites like Toys R Us and Walmart list performance attributes such as smooth rolling, responsive steering, quick set up and take down, and easy assembly. Reviewers also like its compact size and adjustable sun shade and are particularly taken with a seat pad that rolls up and away, providing what might be considered a spot of air conditioning for young passengers through the remaining mesh-like seat.

In the negative column, Jeep Wrangler All Weather Stroller reviews at these and other sites, including Amazon and list grievances that mostly pertain to the buggy's design: a narrow wheel base that's all too easy to kick while pushing; low handles that force adults to hunch over; a seat that doesn't recline and is too small and narrow for bigger/older kids; a small storage basket; and the absence of shoulder restraints, which enables riders to lean too far forward. Some Jeep Wrangler All Weather Stroller reviews also mention quality problems, such as stitching that unravels and renders safety straps useless, and generally limited longevity.

The Jeep Wrangler All Weather Stroller (starting at $39, Amazon) is relatively well appointed. It comes with under-seat storage, eight 6-inch all-terrain wheels (including two sets in the front that swivel), rear brakes, padded handles, and a cup holder for parents. It's equipped with a three-point safety harness, an adjustable sun canopy, a foot rest for riders, and the aforementioned roll-up seat pad. The stroller weighs 9.6 pounds and is rated for a carrying capacity of 40 pounds. It is JPMA certified and backed by a one-year warranty.

It's tempting to like this umbrella stroller with its cool, breathable seat fabric and fully adjustable sun shade, but users' critical comments are a strong deterrent. Other models we researched present far fewer annoyances.

Raechel Conover

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