Schick Intuition Plus Review



With four blades, a flexible head and nonslip grip handle, this women's shaver allows for a close, nick free shave. The best part is the convenience: each blade cartridge comes encased in a ring of soothing lotion that creates a smooth lather as you shave. Billed as a two-in-one razor, the Schick Intuition Plus cuts down on shaving time while providing a close, safe shave.

According to consumer reviewers, the Schick Intuition Plus covers all the must-haves. Rivaled by few, this cheap women's shaver screams convenience, so much so that Schick Intuition Plus reviews award it mostly four and five stars at; one female soldier recommends it for all military women because it's so easy to use, especially in tight quarters. Perhaps more importantly, the Schick Intuition Plus provides a good close shave. According to a review on Amazon, this razor gives the user the best shave she's ever had.

The Schick Intuition Plus is a four-blade manual women's shaver that uses a unique cartridge to achieve a close shave. The blades themselves are surrounded by a block of moisturizing soap that lathers up when mixed with water, eliminating the need for soap or shaving cream. Placed near the blades inside the block of soap is an additional moisture strip for added comfort. With a nonslip-grip handle and a pivot head, the Schick Intuition Plus provides a soothing and clean shave.

One complaint lobbed at this cheap women's shaver is the cost of the refills, but at $10 for three cartridges this is pretty much standard for the category. Most women, however, don't seem to mind buying refills for the added convenience of not having to purchase or use shaving cream -- especially given the ease of shaving and the Schick Intuition Plus's appealing features.

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