Gillette Venus Divine Review



Experts and users rave about the Gillette Venus Divine which scores top marks in tests of popular women's shavers. With a flexible head, three blades, three moisture strips, and a nonslip grip, users say the comfort and closeness of shave the Gillette Venus Divine delivers is unbeatable.

Most consumers who have tried the Gillette Venus Divine have nothing but good things to say about this budget manual women's shaver. Gillette Venus Divine reviews on are strongly positive, with one reviewer commenting that the razor doesn't get clogged like other razors and it comfortably gets at all the hard-to-reach areas. Over at, most reviewers give this shaver top ratings, claiming it's perfect for legs, underarms, and the bikini area.

The Gillette Venus Divine features a cartridge with three blades and three moisture strips, a nonslip-grip handle, and a pivot head. About the only downside to this razor is the fact that you'll need shaving cream or soap lather, but this is the norm with budget manual women's shavers and consumers long ago adjusted to this product requirement.

Gillette Venus Divine reviews by customers rave about the shaving comfort delivered by this razor and it ranks high among affordable women's shavers. The three moisture strips seem to do the trick in soothing your skin and our research found that women who choose this razor rarely stray from it.

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