Gillette Venus Embrace Review


Think Twice

Five blades don't seem to be better than four, say reviewers , who note that the number of blades makes it clog easily. Users also fault the big head, which is hard to maneuver around areas like the bikini line, and say in general it fails to give a close shave.

Seemingly affordable, the Gillette Venus Embrace razor starts at only $8.30 for the razor, but the cost of replacement cartridges starts nudging it beyond the budget realm. Cartridge prices are definitely an issue with most manual women's shavers, but at $15 for four refills, the Gillette Venus Embrace is higher than most. Several users gripe about this in Gillette Venus Embrace reviews on Amazon, where one consumer lists it as a definite negative; other users protest about blades clogged with hair. On reviews have mixed opinions about this shaver, with some reporting it doesn't irritate and shaves cleanly while others complain about the wide, bulky head that's too big for curved areas and doesn't give a particularly close shave. The Gillette Venus Embrace gets a passing grade from a user posting on Amazon only because she was able to shave without getting cut.

The Gillette Venus Embrace is a five-blade razor that comes with a moisture strip and a nonslip grip. As an added bonus, buyers get a compact shower hanger that houses the razor and two replacement cartridges. As far as cheap deals go, count this razor out. Although it seems like a bargain, the replacements are not and consumers are split over its performance.

Raechel Conover

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