Gillette Spa Breeze Review


Although similar to the Schick Intuition Plus in its set of features, the Gillette Spa Breeze gets a mixed reception from users. Gillette Spa Breeze reviews on Amazon report that the built-in lather gets very gooey when mixed with water, which makes it difficult to get a close shave. Reviews on the Gillette website likewise criticize the peculiar texture of the lather, adding that it wears down quickly; reviews on the Gillette site rate this women's shaver only slightly above average. On the other hand, a satisfied reviewer writes on Lip Gloss and Laptops that it gives a smooth shave and the blades/refills last through about five shaves.

The Gillette Spa Breeze features three blades, a nonslip grip, and a moisture strip. The convenience factor is big plus for many women; its built-in lather bars eliminate the need for shaving cream or soap lather, thus cutting down on shaving time.

An affordable and convenient women's shaver, no doubt, but the Gillette Spa Breeze gets enough so-so reviews that it's not a best buy. If you're looking to save time, give it a try; if you care about a close shave, try something else.

Raechel Conover

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