Best Discount Retail Store: The Winners Chart

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$1,776.15 for the products on our shopping list. Ad Match Guarantee doesn't require customer to present competitor's ad.

$1,866.10 for our basket of goods. Low Price Promise with competitor's print ad.

$2,092.82 for the items in our shopping cart. No price matching.


Lowest total cost for a basket of goods and the most lenient price-matching policy.

Shopping Experience and Customer Service

Some customers complain that stores can be crowded and checkout slow, but our local store was orderly and employees were helpful.

Stores are clean, organized, and easy to shop.

Tired, understocked displays and indifferent employees contribute to a generally negative shopping experience.


Tidy stores, a calm atmosphere, appealing products, and accommodating employees.


More than 3,000 Supercenters with full grocery. Large selection including deli, bakery, and tons of fresh produce.

More than 1,100 locations with fresh groceries but only some with bakery, deli, and meat counter. General-merchandise stores feature organic items, but produce section is small.

Few stores have full grocery departments with fresh produce, deli, and bakery. Products at our location looked past their prime.


More locations with full-service grocery departments and the biggest assortment of foodstuffs by far.

Electronics and Office

Lowest prices and good selection but crowded shelves and very busy employees; one employee's cell phone rang while with a customer.

Prices a bit higher but displays better organized. Good selection and available, helpful employees.

Highest prices of the three, limited national name brands, small selection, empty shelves, and indifferent employees.

Walmart and Target

Comparable prices and well-stocked departments.

Clothing, Health, and Beauty

Decent selection, including attire for trades workers; lowest prices.

Not the cheapest, but fashionable merchandise and reputation for quality.

Unorganized displays, poor signage, no readily available assistance.


Biggest selection, up-to-date trends, and reputable store brands.


Lowest prices, helpful employees, well-organized displays.

Clean, orderly displays and easy-to-find items.

Empty shelves, dirty toys, and no employees to help.


Target puts toys in easy reach, but Walmart wins on price.

Pharmacy and Health Services

$4 generic prescriptions and free home delivery; privately operated health clinics in 27 states; vision centers at select stores.

$4 generic prescriptions and pharmacy rewards program; health clinics in six states; optical services in some stores.

$5 for many generic medications, discounts on others and on brand name drugs with fee-based membership plan. No health clinics, only occasional health events.

Walmart and Target

Both have vision centers, health clinics that accept major insurance plans, and pharmacies that promise savings.

Additional Services

Many services, including photo developing, portrait studio, layaway, and multiple financial services.

REDcard offers 5 percent off and free shipping; photo developing, portrait studio; no layaway.

Well-advertised layaway program; multiple financial services; no photo developing.


Walmart offers the greatest assortment of additional services, including a full-service photo center.

Website and Shipping

User-friendly website with multiple shipping options and free shipping on some orders. Customers complain about slow order processing and shipping.

Easy-to-navigate website but smaller selection. Customers complain about high shipping fees and erroneous charges.

Well-organized website and free shipping on some orders. Customers complain about errors, damaged shipments, and bad customer service when trying to resolve issues.


The most shipping options and largest selection in a category where none receives strong user reviews.