Stores That Price Match: How They Compare

Many top retailers promise to match select competitors' advertised prices, provided the items are identical (same brand, model, etc.) and there's sufficient proof of the lower price. Few stores will match online prices, however -- even from their own websites. Other common exclusions include limited-time or limited-quantity offers, Black Friday prices, misprinted or expired ads, free offers, rebates, services (such as installation), closeout or clearance prices, and open-box or damaged items. Additional exclusions may apply on a store-by-store basis. Usually prices can be matched right at the register, although some retailers require authorization from a customer service representative or supervisor, and shoppers can claim price adjustments even after purchase. Here's what to expect at more than half a dozen stores that price match, keeping in mind that many official policies leave room for employees to use their own judgment.

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Eligible Merchants
Required Proof of Competitor's Price
Time Frame for Price Adjustment
Notable Exclusions
Convenience/Extra Savings
Best Buy

Local retail competitors within 25 miles,,,,,,,, and

Current ad or website address

15 days, but only if Best Buy lowers its price; no post-purchase matching for competitors' prices

Contract mobile phones and plans, online retailers not listed, online third-party or "marketplace" vendors

Price matching at checkout

Home Depot

Local retailers and their websites

Current ad

At managers' discretion

Online-only competitors, special orders, bid pricing, volume discounts

Price matching plus extra 10 percent off at checkout

JC Penney

Brick-and-mortar retail stores in the same market area or within a "reasonable distance"

Current print ad, photocopy, or mobile version

As long as competitor's ad is valid (but store delivery is free for online orders), other online and mobile prices, Sephora products, loyalty- and club-card pricing

Price matching at checkout; considerable discretion given to store managers


Local competitors

Copy of print ad with current date

14 days, but only if Kohl's lowers its price, other online retailers

Price matching at checkout with supervisor permission


Local retail competitors and their websites

Current ad

30 days

Online-only competitors

Price matching plus 10 percent off at checkout; online shoppers automatically charged whichever is lowest, local in-store price or price


Local competitors' retail stores, websites of competitors that match their own online prices in-store,

Original ad or online ordering page (including shipping and handling charges)

14 days

Internet-only retailers, Sears Outlet,, Sears Marketplace, Kenmore items (unless sold through a qualifying Sears-branded retail format)

Price matching at checkout; valid membership card required to match club-store prices


Local retail competitors in the same market area,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Print ad (no photos, photocopies, or mobile phone versions accepted); mobile device or printout showing online price

14 days

Other Target stores, online competitors not listed, membership clubs, paid loyalty programs, contract cellphones and plans

Price matching only at customer-service counter; manufacturer coupons applied after price match


Local competitors,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

None, but print ad recommended and clerk may call to verify

Not specified (7 days for purchases)

Other Walmart stores, online retailers not listed, online third-party or "marketplace" vendors, auction sites, websites that require membership

Price matching at checkout; fresh produce and meat qualify if the price is listed the same way (by the pound, for example); buy-one-get-one-free offers qualify if a price is specified