Virgin America Fees Review


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Virgin America's fees don't stand out as particularly high or low, most often coming in at or below the prices other airlines charge. Sir Richard Branson's U.S. venture is somewhat generous to passengers who overpack, charging $25 apiece for up to three checked bags instead of hiking the prices for the second and third bags. Overweight and oversize bags also cost $50 to $100, compared with up to $200 on other airlines. Other charges are of the standard variety: $20 to book by phone, $100 or $150 to change a flight, etc. Same-day changes are among the cheapest, at $25 to $50, depending on destination. Some Virgin America fees are waived for customers with status in the airline's Elevate program and passengers flying in upgraded fare classes.

For some passengers, Virgin America's amenities may be worth paying the fees. Wi-Fi is available on every flight (passes range from $2 to $40) and each seat has a personal entertainment system with free live Dish Network TV (and movies from $5 to $35). Virgin America offers upgraded Main Cabin Select seats at fees ranging from $39 to $179. The fees may be worth it to some passengers for benefits such as a checked bag, free entertainment, and extra legroom. Virgin America has also finished highest overall in a couple of recent studies of customer satisfaction. When it comes down to it, travelers pay a little bit extra in fares and fees for the highly rated service this airline offers.

Compare Virgin America with other airlines using the charts on pages 2 to 4 of our guide and visit the company's website for a full list of Virgin America fees.

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