US Airways Fees Review


Reviewing US Airways' fees may not be necessary for very much longer: An upcoming merger between American Airlines and US Airways has created one of the largest airlines in the world under the American brand. The integration is still underway, and the fee structure for the flight will depend on the operating carrier.

As it stands, US Airways' fees for domestic flights already closely mirror those of American Airlines. Both charge $25 for a single checked bag, $35 for the second, and $200 to change or cancel a flight. There is also a $25 fee to book a trip over the phone and a $150 fee for unaccompanied minors on both airlines (although their policies differ somewhat based on the age of the child). US Airways charges $75 to "MoveUp" to an earlier flight on the day of departure, the same amount American charges for a same-day ticket change. Unlike American, though, US Airways lets all customers standby for an unconfirmed seat free of charge (i.e., the customer can change for free if a booked traveler doesn’t show up). Upgrading to a US Airways ChoiceSeat, which comes with earlier boarding and a preferred location on the plane (generally a window or aisle seat near the front), can cost between $15 and $99 per flight. However, this option is likely to disappear post-merger and be replaced by American's offerings.

Compare US Airways with other airlines using the charts on pages 2 to 4 of our guide and visit the company's website for a full list of US Airways fees.

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