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Think Twice

This discount airline manages to provide low fares by asking passengers to pay for seemingly everything a la carte. Allegiant charges up to $80 for seat selection, up to $75 for a carry-on bag, and $2 for in-flight beverage service.

Allegiant Air's fees extend to items many travelers probably consider standard offerings, such as carry-on bags, seat selection. The consulting firm IdeaWorksCompany found that about a third of Allegiant's 2013 revenue came from fees and other ancillary revenue sources. Only two other airlines in the global survey (Spirit Airlines and Hungary-based Wizz Air) rely more heavily on such sources. The carrier's model is to keep base fares low and offer the option to buy many add-ons, which frustrates travelers used to all-inclusive airfares.

Before hitting the button to book a flight on Allegiant, be aware of the additional fees and make sure you're getting a good deal overall. That probably means factoring in the cost of at least a carry-on bag: $10-$35 in advance and $35-$75 at the airport, depending on the route you're flying. The only bag allowed onboard for free is a personal item that fits under the seat in front of you. Allegiant Air fees also charges up to $8 to book with an American Express card and $15 per segment by phone. If you need to check a bag, note that charges for overweight bags kick in at 40 pounds, not 50 pounds like on other airlines, and fees are charged per segment.

Other fees that may catch Allegiant Air customers off-guard are a seat-selection fee of up to $80 and a $2 charge for a beverage onboard. Many travelers have gotten used to spending a little extra for a meal, but they may not expect to shell out for juice or a soft drink. The seating fee isn't just for extra legroom or a premium location; it's a fee for choosing any seat at all, which can increase costs for families or couples who want to make sure they sit together.

Compare Allegiant with other airlines using the charts on pages 2 to 4 of our guide and visit the company's website for a full list of Allegiant Air fees.

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