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Uncle Milton's Rainbow in My Room nightlight will appeal to both budding scientists and dreamers with their heads in the clouds.

Uncle Milton's Rainbow in My Room (starting at $19, Amazon) is a whimsical nightlight designed for any child who has ever dreamed of having their very own rainbow. The concept is simple. Turn it on in a dark room, and it projects a vivid LED rainbow onto the wall or ceiling. Depending which mode you choose, the rainbow will either appear all at once or by slowly adding the colors one at a time.

When we introduced this toy to our eight-year-old child tester for a Rainbow in My Room review, she immediately ran off to locate a dark space and put it to the test. The rainbow it projected was every bit as bright as you would expect from an LED device, and she was thrilled with the result. Based on our review, it was easy to picture it being a sleepover hit. We soon found out this wasn't our toy expert's first experience with the Rainbow in my Room, however. A few years prior, she had received one as a gift. She used it as her nightlight, and then woke up spooked one night in a pitch black room because its auto shut-off feature kicks in after 10 minutes.

Many parents posting Rainbow in My Room reviews on Walmart and Fat Brain Toys like that the auto shut-off feature conserves batteries. For those who want their light to shine through the night, this rainbow maker comes with an AC jack, although an AC adapter must be purchased separately. Another review on Fat Brain Toys says it was difficult to locate the correct adapter for the toy. Other negatives consumers point out in reviews are that it isn't sold with batteries (it requires three AA batteries) and the five LED light bulbs are difficult to replace once they burn out, as one parent laments in a review on Amazon.

For the most part, children seem to grow attached to the Rainbow in My Room. Many sleep with it every night and some even insist that it travel on vacation with them, notes one mother in a Rainbow in My Room review on Target.

Whether your young rainbow enthusiasts are scientists-in-the-making or dreamers with their heads in the clouds, Rainbow in My Room will appeal to their sense of imagination. It may not make a good primary nightlight for children afraid of the dark, however, given the10-minute auto shut-off. Available for a little less than $20, it's on the pricier side of the toys we typically review, but may be a good splurge gift when you're looking for something with the "wow" factor.

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